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Always Thankful SVG Font

Always Thankful SVG Font


Always Thankful is an hand painted font pack containing two Opentype SVG fonts. These Opentype SVG fonts keep all of the transparency and texture of the original painted letters. Always Thankful will make your design projects burst with character and charm, and will make your design projects a breeze. Each letter and symbol was hand painted, and I probably went through over 300 pages of painted letters to get the perfect letter combinations down.

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+ Requirements

You need to be using Photoshop CC 2017.1.1 or later or Illustrator CC 2018 or later in order for the OpenType-SVG font to work.

Don’t have the latest Photoshop or Illustrator? We’ve included a vector version of the font. You wont get the full texture, but it's still great!

+ What's Included

Always Thankful - Regular Version - This font contains tons of glyphs and language support. Each lowercase letter also has an alternate version, so that you can mix things up a little bit to your liking. All the symbols and punctuation glyphs are there as well.

Always Thankful - Caps Version - This font contains different capital letters using both lower and uppercase characters, so that you have alternates for each letter. There is a ton of language support, as well as full symbols and punctuation.

Versatile Font Formats - Both fonts are available in the stunning new Opentype-SVG format, which contain all the photo-realistic nuances. They are also both available in traditional vector formats (OTF/TTF). These are great traditional options for use in other programs, including earlier versions of Photoshop. In fact, they'll work with basically any program that accepts custom fonts. This version is also great for blocks of text and small print.

Swashes/Splatter Brushes - I’ve included a bunch of background streaks and splatters to help spice up your designs.

+ Supported Languages

French, Spanish, English, Catalan, Galician, Basque, Portuguese, Italian, Albanian, Afrikaans, Dutch, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Faroese, Icelandic, Irish and Scottish.

+ Font License Terms

The font license allows for both personal and commercial use on an unlimited number of projects for an unlimited number of clients. All the details can be found here: Font License Terms