Rook Fonts


Welcome To my independent design studio

Hello, I’m Greg Nicholls and this is my studio known as Rook Supply based in Montreal, Canada. Armed with over a decade of professional design experience in the music and action sports industries, I started Rook Supply in 2015 and run it full time from my home studio. Since its inception, my fonts have been used by many of the worlds most prestigious brands.

_F7A7103 copy.jpg

The goal of Rook is to change how the world sees typography by making fonts that still look personal and human. Fonts that look like someone painted the letters directly on the page, or that look like they were run through an old printing press and left for a few decades.

In 2017, I created the first font designed to keep photo-realistic texture, transparency and detail of hand painted letters, while allowing designers to still have control over things like color. This is now commonly referred to as an OpentypeSVG Font and is revolutionizing what we can do with fonts.

Thank you, and happy designing!